Koi Baat hey teri baat mey

This is a very simple story with a clear message. The central characters Marium and Waleed are two completely different personalities .They meet by chance and affect each other’s lives in a strange way. Marium is a school teacher who is staying in a hostel for a short course. Waleed is her next door neighbor. She borrows The Holy Quran from him daily .Their brief but regular interaction stirs some special emotions in Waleed, which is absolutely unexpected as Marium is not his type. Marium on the other hand is totally unaware of Waleed’s feelings and does not anticipate what is coming. Waleed tries to be sociable but Marium does not cater to his friendly attempts. Marium’s avoidance makes her even more attractive in the eyes of Waleed. In their last meeting Marium is infuriated when Waleed presents her a gift. On her refusal Waleed apologizes and later advices her sarcastically to be careful entering a house alone with a man. Marium is shocked and tries to defend herself. Waleed instantly dispels her reasons and proves her aggression was inappropriate and unsafe for her. Their meeting ends on a rather bitter note. She did learn her lesson, while restoring Waleed’s faith in God and chastity of women.