Bund Kuwaron Kay Aagay

Bund kiwaron key agey is an interesting tale of a one sided love story. Ehsan is a fledgling cricketer in his teens who has just hit the jack pot. The first thing that Ehsan does after entering lime light is falling in love with Rabail who is a few years senior to him. Rabail and Ehsan are people from different planets. Rabail is seriously focused with high morals, while Ehsan has no such attribute that could in any way impress Rabail. Not realizing his weak footing, Ehsan keeps on making efforts to win Rabail’s heart, which in turn annoys her even more. On the personal level Ehsan achieves heights of success and this again deludes him to pursue his lost case with a new vigor. Rabail is compelled to expose his reality in a very aggressive tone. She dissects his character, capability, self delusions, leaving no room for any further hopes.