Mohbaat Subha

Mohabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai

Author: Umera Ahmed

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It is the first job interview of her life, and Romaisa is totally unqualified for the job, and she knows it. Just a high school graduate, she knows she can’t compete with other girls in the interview room, with their glossy degrees, glamorous appearances and polished looks. Clad in a long ‘chaadar’ and sporting a makeup-free face, Romaisa knows she is a misfit. Till she is spotted by the Prince Charming. Nabeel Sikandar, the knight in shining armor for Romaisa, hires her instantly as his secretary. Besotted with her, he marries her just after a month, against all odds. And like all fairy tales, this one too, only lasts a few moments.

Life has a way of acting as a spectator and throwing all kinds of surprises our way, just to see how we flounder. Widowed after few short months of marriage, Romaisa soon realizes how her life before Nabeel wasn’t half as bad. Humiliated, insulted, rejected and tortured, Romaisa passively endures, keeping her little daughter as her connection to sanity. And then the moment it seems the bleak night will last forever, the sun bursts in, full of glory and magnificence.

The horse-ridden carriage had turned back into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, but the Prince has sent troops with the glass slipper to look for his lost Cinderella. Will the shoe fit Romaisa again?


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