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In the court of heart, we all are slaves. How love can cripple and ridicule the very best of us is portrayed exquisitely in this fine and mesmerizing love story. It is not a love story between a man and a woman; it is a divine story of her love with her creator – her absolute faith in Him, her complete and utter trust. Until it is all shaken at its foundations. Umera Ahmed said once “When you fall in love, you have to do things that may leave you unable to look yourself in the mirror”. Darbar-e-Dil is the story of that. Things we do for love, and how they reduce us from the status of Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat. “Main ne Allah ko ek mard k liye azmaya tha, aur us mard ne mujhe 500 rupon k liye”.


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