Baat Umar Bhar Ki Hai

This novelette is an excellent comparison of different attitudes and their consequences in similar situations. It gives the reader an innovative approach towards self awareness. As a typical feature of Umera Ahmed’s work, the reader is catered with a new angle of thought unlike the prevalent stereotypical notions. Momina and Sumbal; mother and daughter are two completely different personalities with identical issues. Momina is the ugly duckling in a family full of beauty. All her life Momina has had extreme inferiority complex. Her personality is badly over shadowed by her low self esteem which gives unconditional liberty to people around her to abuse and insult her. Momina has accepted this abusive life style wholeheartedly and tries hard to please her husband Farooq and his second wife GulAfshan. Sumbal on the other hand is a classic example of self confidence brilliance and intellect. She has inherited Momina’s physical features but her smartness is what makes her standout. She has witnessed the inhuman attitude of her father towards Momina, along with her complacent and subservient nature towards him. Sumbal knows in order to survive she has to be tough and sure of herself. One thing that irritates her to the core is how docile her mother is. Sumbal faces similar problems like Momina, sometimes even more intense because of her misbalanced family life. She tackles everything in a stride and survives with grace and self respect. Momina is amazed at the turn of events. She could never imagine somebody lacking the so called standards of beauty being so confident and sure of one self. In the end Sumbal is able to defend Momina and make Farooq realize the atrocities he has been committing all his life.